Our Process

Hopefully, you'll only replace a roof a couple times in your life.  Sometimes you can plan for it, but storm damage to your roof and shingles can happen without warning.  So, it's easy to understand if the replacement process is unfamiliar. That's why we make our process simple and transparent.


Want to know what to expect?  Read below.

Step 1:  Contact us!

     Fill out this form. Or, give us a call - 937-248-1362.  

Step 2:  Your Free Inspection

     We'll come out to your location at a time that's convenient for you.  We'll be looking for wind damage, hail damage, improper installation, and age.  After the inspection, we'll let you know what needs replaced or repaired, and give you an estimate of how much longer your roof will last.  We'll also help you navigate filing for an insurance claim for storm-damaged roofs.

Step 3:  Your Comprehensive Estimate

     The Elevated team will take the measurements and information we gathered from your inspection and write up a detailed estimate for your new roof, gutters, siding, or repairs.  We'll also give you a timeline for when your work will start (usually, 1-2 weeks) and how long it will take (usually, 1-2 days).  We proudly install Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles, the most durable on the market. 

Step 4:  Your Roof is Installed

     We take huge pride in our work.  From the moment we arrive we'll treat your house like it's our own.  Most roofs only take a day or two to replace.  Here's what you can expect when our experienced crew replaces your roof.


     •First, we'll protect and cover all your landscaping, breakables, and windows, using plywood, tarps and by moving items out of harm's way.


     •Cleaning as we go, we'll remove the old shingles, tar paper, and rotted decking.


    •Once things are cleared and prepped, we'll install the new plywood decking and cut all the openings for vents and pipes.


     •We'll install aluminum drip edge, overlapping ice guard and roofing felt before the shingles, to make sure we keep every stray drop of water or ice out for good.


     •Next comes the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles.  Getting your shingles installed correctly is very important.  That's why we always follow or exceed the manufacturer's guidelines every time.


     •While the shingles are being installed, we'll install all necessary flashing, pipe boots, dampers, and proper ventilation to complete the water-sealing process.


     •If we're installing gutters or gutter guards on your house, that comes next.  We'll custom fit the gutters for every run to ensure that you get a precise looking installation that takes water runoff where it needs to go.


     •Lastly, comes cleanup.  We'll carefully scour and rake your yard and landscaping for any stray debris or nails.  Plus, to be absolutely certain we leave your yard nail free, we'll roll your yard with a high-power neodymium magnet.  That way the only evidence of our work we'll leave will be your new roof.

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