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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The days are warming up and it’s time to blow off the cobwebs of winter. Have you started planning your spring cleaning and home maintenance tasks for spring? The experts at Elevated Roofing & Siding offer many services and can help with any updates or improvements you want to make to your home. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to get your home ready for spring, and how we can help.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is something you should check off your list at least twice every year. They should be cleaned in the fall once all the leaves have fallen, and again in the spring. Clogged gutters can block the flow of rainwater and keep it from draining properly. The water could overflow and pool around your roof, eventually causing damage. Cleaning out any lingering leaves and debris from your gutters in the early spring will prepare them for all the spring rain.

Trim Foliage Near the Roof

Check all around your roof for low-hanging branches that need to be trimmed. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure there are no branches too close to any of your windows. You don’t want to take any risks for branches hitting your roof or breaking a window during the storms of the season. If this isn’t something you can do on your own, you may need to hire a tree company to take care of it for you.

Freshen Up the Exterior

Has it been years since you’ve either painted or pressure washed the exterior of your home? How often you need to paint your home depends on the type of siding you have and how well it has been maintained. We recommend that you have your siding cleaned annually. The professionals at Elevated have the experience and expertise to paint your home’s exterior if it’s due for a fresh coat of paint.

Clean & Check All Windows

Spring is a good time to clean your windows, including the screens. Experts recommend choosing an overcast day to clean them for the best results. While you are cleaning your windows, you should go ahead and check the caulking to ensure they are sealed tightly with no leaks. Not only do you want to maintain your desired indoor air temperature, but you also want to prevent moisture from entering your home. If it’s time for window replacements, Elevated has you covered.

Inspect the Roof, Chimney, & Foundation

Take a look at your roof, chimney, and foundation for any problem areas. Do you see any cracked or missing shingles? Are you missing joints between the bricks of your chimney? Do you spot any cracks in your foundation? Any of these issues will need to be addressed. If you need an honest opinion about the condition of your roof, Elevated can provide just that. We will tell you whether you need a full replacement, or a simple repair will do.

Call Today for a Free Estimate

Elevated Roofing & Siding has been family owned and operated since 2015, specializing in both residential and commercial applications. We offer roofing, siding, and gutter installation, full service masonry and concrete work, kitchen and bathroom remodels, and much more. Contact us at (937) 248-1362 if you would like a free estimate. We serve customers in the Dayton area and surrounding communities including Troy, Tipp City, Vandalia, Englewood, West Milton, and beyond.


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