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Why You May Be Better Off Living and Working in an ICF Building

Investors, builders, and homeowners are increasingly choosing to build new construction utilizing insulated concrete forms (ICF), a system of formwork for reinforced concrete that comprises the walls of a building. This method of building walls requires specialized equipment and skilled contractors. Fortunately, Elevated Roofing & Siding is one of the few contractors within an extensive radius equipped to construct ICF. Consider insulated concrete forms for your next building project, as we discuss the benefits of this popular technique for new construction.

ICF Are Safe

When you build with insulated concrete forms, you will benefit from a safe structure that can withstand wind forces exceeding category five hurricanes and EF5 tornadoes. In fact, ICF are 10 times stronger than standard wooden structures. They boast a four-hour fire rating compared to a 20-minute fire rating for most wood construction. If there is a fire, emergency crews will have plenty of time to respond.

ICF Are Energy Efficient

Insulated concrete forms are energy efficient, and good for the environment. Insulated on both sides, ICF walls are sealed from the elements. Not only will you save money on your utility bills, but with the minimal air filtration you will also enjoy a stable temperature in your building - a win-win!

ICF Yield Cleaner Indoor Air

This construction provides cleaner indoor air quality, as it protects against outdoor pollutants with 75% less outside air infiltration. Healthier humidity levels, along with unpolluted air, result in a decreased chance for allergens and contaminants to grow inside your building or residence. Cleaner indoor air alone grants many health benefits to building occupants.

ICF Are Low Maintenance

ICF require less repair and maintenance. The way they are made creates an unparalleled strength and durability that will last for decades. The materials used are non-biodegradable, which means your structure will not be susceptible to deterioration and rot like wooden structures. An added bonus is that your building will require little to no pest maintenance.

ICF Provide Sound Resistance

Isulated concrete forms provide sound resistance so you can avoid unwanted outside noise pollution. The foam insulation and the concrete interior of an ICF absorbs sound and reflects the noise. This is an ideal way to increase productivity and decrease outside distractions at work, and reduce sleep disruptions at home.

Get Your ICF Estimate Today

Elevated Roofing & Siding will take care of your home or business with the same meticulous attention to detail we would give our own. Contact us at (937) 248-1362 if you would like a free estimate for any of our services. We serve homeowners, business owners, and investors in the Dayton area and surrounding communities including Troy, Tipp City, Vandalia, Englewood, West Milton, and beyond.

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